50 Congress St., 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02109
Dr. Thierry Guedj is a Boston University and Harvard-trained psychologist who has assisted hundreds of talented professionals with their careers and personal lives. As a trusted adviser, he has developed a track record of excellence delivering high-impact solutions for a wide variety of professional and personal challenges. Prior to founding BostonJobDoctor, Dr. Guedj held a number of leadership positions in healthcare, academia and investment banking. His most recent post was in-house psychologist for Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., the largest and oldest private bank in North America.

Initially trained as an academic psychologist, Dr. Guedj has become a highly sought-after expert in the fast-growing area of workplace happiness, organizational effectiveness and career satisfaction. His lifelong passion for educating the public and organizations about how to create happy work lives and workplace environments shines through in all his work. With Dr. Guedj’s help, talented people are empowered to work more creatively, effectively and deliver outstanding results and value.

He is fluent in several languages, including French and Spanish and has lived and worked cross-culturally for most of his life.