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My clients’ success stories are proof that with just a little expert coaching, most people can quickly improve both their professional and personal lives. In fact, the most rewarding part of coaching people is to see them increase their life satisfaction and well-being after just a few meetings.
“Dr. Guedj coached me through a significant career and life change. I had reached a level of success but stalled. He helped me understand the circumstances, see beyond the fog, and focus on the opportunities ahead. Simply stated, he helped me move forward on the executive and life path. Four promotions, a happy home life, and two great investments followed. I recommend Thierry without reservation.”

Anthony Barbuto, Professional Fundraiser

“Working with Thierry was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When we first met at his office, I was very unhappy with my career, felt trapped, and needed perspective. Career decisions can be so intensely personal and important, it’s crucial to have someone who can find a way to match your individual personality with what can seem to be a very impersonal and inscrutable job market. Thierry responded to my problems with a potent combination of psychological insight and real-world knowledge about working in today’s economy. He took a lot of pressure off my mind by helping me to cut down possible career paths that were not suitable to me — even though I thought they were at first.

Through supportive criticism and advice, Thierry let me approach the future with a lot more confidence and helped me get and job and a career I truly love. I found him to be patient, careful, and very insightful… and a lot of fun. If you find yourself in the position I was in about a year ago, you could do no better than to make an appointment with Thierry. ”

Mark Rennella, Ph.D. Author & Ghost Writer

“I enthusiastically recommend Thierry to anyone who wants to improve their job situation or transition into another line of work. Thierry’s unique blend of listening, knowledge of the work world, and understanding of the importance of networking have been invaluable in helping me reach my goal of starting my own production company.”

Terry Crystal, Librarian and co-founder of ‘Rising Earth Productions’

“Thierry provided the exact direction and support I needed in my transition from a successful career in communications to drafting the next chapter of my life. His personable encouragement in the process of exploration and his expert guidance helped me to gain a clearer understanding of my strengths, skills and interests, as well as to open wide my thinking to possibilities I had not dared imagine . . . and to have fun while doing it. What a concept! I enjoyed my work with Thierry tremendously and credit his talent for the broadening of my professional and personal horizons. I frequently recommend him to colleagues and friends who are contemplating career/life transitions. Top notch!”

Catherine A., Graphics and Textile Entrepreneur

“I recommend Thierry as an expert resource in the arena of career and workplace psychology. I have found him an invaluable resource both personally and professionally, and received rave reviews from the clients I have referred to him. Thierry has an uncanny ability to quickly identify key issues, and has been consistently successful in helping people improve their work lives, and their overall quality of life. His ability to guide and motivate are true assets to any person looking to create a positive change.”

Gretchen Pauley, LICSW

“Dr. Guedj skillfully guided me to greater professional fulfillment and personal freedom. My initial goals of increased satisfaction with my career, higher pay and a friendlier work environment were all met. He really cares about his clients’ success and well-being. Thank you!”

Tracy S., M.D, M.P.H. Senior Healthcare Exec.